Who we are

Oh, um...hi there!

We are The Awkward Marketer, and we are experts in all realms of digital marketing.

We can craft and implement an insightful, effective and perfectly tuned digital marketing strategy for your company, regardless of size or industry...we just can’t make small talk without saying something odd and making it just a little bit awkward for everyone.

We try our best not be weird and we are SUPER friendly...It’s just that we have poured our hearts and souls into learning every nook, cranny and nuance of the world of digital marketing. Now, we’ve forgotten the basics of human social interaction.

We’re kind of like the guy in the IT department - the one who can fix any computer problem one handed, all while debating the merits of Captain Kirk versus Captain Picard (Captain Kirk is clearly superior) and eating his brought-from-home sandwich with the crusts cut off.

We’ll respond “good thanks!” when you ask us what we got up to on the weekend, and rather than make a smooth recovery, we’ll just make an awkward segue into talking about cats but, at the end of the day, we’ll do a freaking stellar job of propelling your business to digital heights you’ve never even dreamed of.

If you are ready to launch your marketing strategy into the digital space, are looking to overhaul your existing online presence into something that actually generates quality lead and conversions, or simply need some copy written up that doesn't read like a typewriter falling down the stairs, get in touch with us (by email only please...the phone is scary).

We can’t promise good quality small talk, but we can guarantee top quality digital marketing services that deliver killer results.

If we were one tenth as good at navigating social interactions as we are at digital marketing then we would would shutdown our social media accounts, shelve our Google Analytics, and run for president of the world (that would be a new title they would create for us based solely on our charisma and charm). Fortunately for you, we are not what you’d call “socially adept”, we are awkward.

So, we will continue to use our amazing digital marketing prowess and almost-too-good-to-believe writing skills to get fantastic results for you and your business all while trying our very best not to tell anyone they look like a pirate because of the eye patch they are wearing while recovering from their recent cataract surgery (this really happened). Awkward.

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Sean’s Bio

Hi, I’m Sean, and I am not really that awkward.

If you would rather talk to someone face to face or have a phone conversation about your digital strategy, I’m your guy. My ability to talk to other humans in person without hyperventilating in my car for 20 minutes before the meeting sets me apart from my colleagues. The same goes for my ability to answer a phone call without knowing who is on the other end of the line, something that is seen as a low-level super power in our office.

What I primarily do is facilitate communication between our team of bonafide digital geniuses and you, our valued client. I like to think of myself as a translator, fluent in both digital lingo-heavy tech-speak and regular conversational english. When one of our digital experts starts talking about CPI vs CPC bidding on your Google AdWords campaign, or starts getting excited about the fresh insights from the new Facebook analytics, I can explain that to you using real words that haven’t been made up by a high-school kid in a beanie with a few billion dollars in his bank account.

The same goes for the other direction. We can have a chat about what you are trying to get from your digital marketing strategy, and I can let you know exactly what we can achieve for your business in easy to understand terms. Even if the extent of what you know about digital marketing begins and ends with “I think I should be doing it” I can help walk you through a plan to develop an effective strategy without getting bogged down in the tech jargon and technical wizardry.