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who is britten

britten is a reticent little beast born in the wilds of northern Alberta to a French-canadian father and a hard bitten mother. britten is almost always wild-haired and poorly dressed. she enjoys alphabetising things and is a fan of windex on facebook because she loves a streak-free shine.

when you meet britten the first thing you'll notice is, like a cagey animal, she refuses to make eye contact and almost always looks away from you when she speaks. in addition to making it difficult to communicate with her, britten's nervous disposition and flighty social behaviour means she is prone to awkward and poorly-timed exits, vulgar and inappropriate utterances and subtly reprehensible social behaviour.

for the love of writing

despite her penchant for the awkward and the uncomfortable, britten is a talented writer who fell in love with her craft before she even understood the semantics of written language. as a preschool-aged child, britten would regale family members with fanciful stories. as she got older, britten began to put pen to paper to come up with terrifying prose. 

at the age of eight, britten began a series of stories about a were-cat. believing the myth and mystique surrounding the werewolf to be nothing short of unfair and discriminatory to the awesome and fearsome lions in our living rooms, britten sought to level the playing field with the introduction of a cat she named shadow.

by day, shadow was little more than your run-of-the-mill purr machine. by night, shadow transformed into the mythical were-cat and set about terrorising the neighbourhood.

while britten was quite proud of her were-cat, teachers were quick to label the stories "gratuitous" and "inappropriate" as they didn't feel an eight-year-old should be writing about a giant cat eating people's organs. the result was parent-teacher meetings and a great deal of hullabaloo which served to do little more than make britten's father quite proud. This hullabaloo was to be repeated time and again throughout britten's schooling career.

today, britten's stories tend to be less 'yuck, that's gross' and a whole lot more 'did I just have a heart attack? or is it this story's heart-wrenching sadness that is making my chest ache?" despite the change in tone, britten's love of writing has always remained the same.

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