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copywriting and communications

my first love was writing and it still hold a prominent place in my heart. 

a fiction writer first, I am all to happy to write any sort of prose, whether that be a product description, a well-researched blog, or the copy for a real-estate website. it doesn't matter the subject or the format. I am, and always have been, more than happy to undertake any writing project.

my love of writing is what inspired me to turn to marketing as a career. while my passion is fiction, for me, marketing has always leant itself to creativity which feeds the insatiable story-telling beast within me. my passion for writing lead me to complete a four-year degree in marketing (with a minor in deviant psychology), then another four-year degree in communications (with a minor in the philosophy of ethics). from there, I went on to finish a post-graduate degree in marketing management. 

a life-long learner

ever the over-achiever, these credentials were not enough for me. since completing my post-graduate degree, I've also finished a one-year master's diploma in digital marketing and a one-year master's diploma In social media marketing. I'm also working my way toward finalising my master's in marketing. all of this has been for my love of and mad-passion for writing.

I'm happy to put this passion to work for clients in almost any industry. 

if you'd like to find out more about working with me, please contact me here.


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