Facebook. This website has become such a pervasive part of our lives. Used by so many to keep in contact with friends, share stories, and kill time at work. Facebook has been used for marketing almost as long as it has been around. In the early days it was businesses making a page and engaging with their audience directly. Now it is achieved primarily through paid advertising.

Facebook ads are very effective because they are targeted based on each individual users search history and preferences. This means you won’t be paying to show your denture cleaner to twelve years olds, or your Minecraft themed socks to pensioners.

Because facebook uses google searches to help target ads, you can have your ad shown to anyone who has been searching for your products, services, or your competition online, giving you the best chance of capturing their business. If they have been on your website but not made a purchase, they will be shown ads on facebook to prompt them to return for another look at your website.

Facebook also allows user to engage in discussions with other users of your brand, and the brand itself. These interactions are excellent as building brand loyalty and helping people feel like they are part of a community, rather than simply a number on a spreadsheet.

Facebook is also a goldmine of customer and client feedback. By monitoring the conversations your users are having about your brand online, you gain immensely valuable feedback. People tend to be very honest from behind the veil of anonymity that hangs from a computer screen, so you will know exactly what your customers want and how they feel about your brand.

We can set-up a professional Facebook page for your company and manage the posting and interactions for the account. All you need to do is handle the leads we pass on.