Social Media

When we hear the phrase “Social engagement” mingling at a party is not what comes to mind (you’ll know we are thinking about this when you see beads of nervous sweat forming on our brow). To us, “Social engagement” is a measure of how well our social media posts are performing for our clients.

Social media is a lot like photography. We all know someone with a nice camera who takes great photos, but when you put their shots side by side with a professional’s portfolio you can see why only one of them makes their living from it.

Using Social Media as part of a digital marketing plan to grow your business is very different from growing a personal audience. Simply getting lots of likes and shares is good for branding, but isn’t going to make you money. You need to be reaching the right audience, and that audience is people who can be converted into paying customers.

Most social media platforms now support business accounts, which act differently to individual accounts and offer powerful tools to support growing a quality online audience. These tools are referred to as analytics and without getting bogged down in jargon, they are pretty fantastic. Analytics allow us to make sure the content we are posting on your accounts is having a measurable effect on achieving your business goals, and not just existing so your mum can like, share and comment on every post.

We can set-up and operate accounts for your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and more. We can also advise you on which Social Media platforms are worth using for your business type based on the demographics of users and the way information is presented.