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thoughts and musings

i've never been very good at explaining myself. YOU can ask my a question and I, in all of my self-loathful shortsightedness, will stammer out inarticulate answers full of nonsense and idiocy. I am not a talker. what I am is a writer. I find freedom in sharing the words which build to a deafening crescendo in my mind, flow through my body and enter the world through my finger tips. conceived through tumult and born into the world in blood and fury, words are my relief. they are the veins cut, the scars ripped open and the blood-letting which brings about healing and clarity. 

words are a release. they are the keys to the rusted metal cells deep inside of myself which keep me caged, contained and tightly wound.

cutting a vein

Ernest Hemingway compared writing to cutting a vein and letting yourself bleed. when I write it is nothing short of agony and blood which I leave on the paper. my hope is that in my own cathartic release, others might find solace and peace of mind in the knowledge they are not alone.

I have always felt we too often keep our darkness secret, hidden in the deep recesses of our bodies and souls. in the burying of our pain, we do ourselves a disservice. we stunt our growth and the growth of those needing to hear our truth and the words we have to share. we look on the bright side and find the silver lining much to the detriment of ourselves and others. we need lessons learned through darkness and others need the openness of uninhibitedness, unabashed honesty and the connectivity which comes with it.

all of the articles and stories here are my truth. if you'd like to share your truth with me contact me here.


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